The G-Spot

We have both ends of the spectrum here - couples who devote the entire weekend trying to find the elusive G Spot; then we have females who are all upset because they think they pee'd the bed during sex, and are so embarrassed they are reluctant to get into sex again for fear they flood the bedroom!

Anatomically, the G Spot cannot be found as such; it is believed to be a small spongy pad that wraps around the urethra. If that pad is stimulated through the vaginal wall during sexual arousal, it can be very exciting.

Female reproductive organs The G Spot is a small area, (about 1 inch diameter) inside the vagina, up about an inch and half to two inches. Appropriate stimulation will cause the female to take a deep breath and push down real hard. Most women describe the sensation as feeling they want to urinate - they have a powerful urge to "bear down", same sensation of pushing when delivering a baby. They take a deep breath, hold it and push right down to their bottom.

During G Spot orgasm, a large amount of fluid may suddenly gush out through the urethra. It is difficult to estimate how much fluid is expelled. I have heard amounts ranging from one cup to 2 quarts. The G Spot fluid is colourless, (urine is yellow), it smells sweet like clover, (urine smells like urine), it does not stain the mattress, (urine certainly does).

Every woman who has experienced G Spot orgasm has a different way of getting there. But there is a common thread through their stories. Usually it happens when:

- she is in a high trust relationship where she does not worry what she looks like, sounds like or smells like; she is confident.
- she is very, very sexually aroused. She has possibly had one or more orgasms just prior to reaching G Spot orgasm.
- she reaches a certain point and she just has to push down.
- she can feel the fluid spurting out and it feels wonderful.
- after that orgasm, women will tell you they feel completely depleted, they can hardly walk to the bathroom.
- it the best sex possible.

Some women say they have easy G Spot orgasms with one partner and unable to get there with another. Some women are able to stimulate themselves to G Spot orgasms, others just can't.

Some women get tired of having a perpetually wet bed, so they take a green garbage bag, cut up one side and across the top. Open it up, then take a flannelette sheet or big beach towel, pin it to all four corners of the garbage bag. Then roll this up lengthwise and put it just under her side of the bed, within easy reach. Then if she decided that "tonight's the night, ain't nobody gonna stop me now", she reaches under the bed, rolls the sheet/bag under her hips. Her partner knows what that means, and away they go.

Take the pressure off yourself. Some females ejaculate on a regular basis, some can make it happen, for others it is an amazing accident, and some women just do not ejaculate. But sex is pleasurable and enjoyable and satisfying if you do or don't hit that elusive G spot.

If you want more information, check out THE GOOD VIBRATIONS GUIDE TO THE G SPOT by CATHY WINKS, published by DOWN THERE PRESS. We also recommend UNDERSTANDING THE G SPOT by DONALD HICKS.

If you are curious about the chemical make up of G Spot fluid as compared to urine, do get the pocketbook The G SPOT by LADAS, WHIPPLE AND PERRY, published by DELL POCKETBOOKS.