The A-Spot

The A-Spot Male anatomy Some males are jealous that females have a "G Spot" that, when stimulated, results in a high level of sexual excitement and a geyser of fluid called female ejaculate or orgasmic expulsion. Males have an "A SPOT".

It involves stimulating the prostate gland via the rectum. This is done by manual stimulation or gentle use of a dildo or vibrator. The operative word here is "gentle" - the prostate is very sensitive and any rough stuff can be very painful, possibly dangerous. Any way you choose to do it, here are the basics:

Put a condom over your index and middle finger; lubricate them well; touch around the rectum till it is relaxed enough to allow easy insertion of one then two fingers. About 2 inches up the rectum you will feel another sphincter, (ring of muscles). It may take a minute or so for these muscles to relax, then, when your fingers can go up about 3-4 inches, you gently stroke and you will feel his prostate. It is firmer than surrounding organs - feels about the size of a walnut and is very sensitive. Then you crook these two fingers towards his abdomen and gently stroke.

Communication is important here. He needs to tell you if it feels good or if it is uncomfortable, even painful. At the same time, you may be performing manual or oral stimulation on his penis and genitals. In all probability, this will result in a very satisfying ejaculation and orgasm.