Delayed Ejaculation

We receive many emails about Delayed Ejaculation, and it's no wonder - It is estimated that 30% of males suffer from it.

Typically, a male will ejaculate 3 - 5 minutes after intercourse begins. However, men with DE can go on literally for hours and not ejaculate. This is extremely frustrating for both partners. The male feels like a failure, and the female gets very sore and often feels that somehow she has failed. Always remember - this problem is HIS, not yours.

Unlike Premature Ejaculation, there is no medication available to treat DE. Professional sex therapy can help, but here's the most common approach to the problem:

Before intercourse begins, the male should masturbate almost to the point of ejaculation. This "primes the pump", as it were. Then, when the couple starts in with intercourse, he will be much closer to cumming. Intercourse will be shorter and far more satisfying for both partners.

Also, if you have DE, it's a good idea to not masturbate for a few days before having a sexual encounter. This builds up the libido, and climax can be achieved much more quickly.

- Randy