Episode #003 - November 17, 2002

Sex in History

Have you ever seen a contraceptive device made of 14kt gold?

14k Gold Intracervical Device This was an intracervical device, known as a "wishbone", that was inserted into the cervix. The little prongs on the end were squeezed together for insertion, and then would spring back open to hold the device in.

These were popular in Europe during the 1930's but they never caught on over here. Not many were made of gold. Most were made of other metals or cheap plastic.

The funny thing is the gold one pictured above ended up on a woman's charm bracelet. She didn't know what it was, thought it was pretty, and wore it for years. Hey, how many contraceptive devices can you make a fashion statement with? You won't be hanging any condoms off your wrist, that's for sure.
Items courtesy Janssen-Ortho Museum of Contraception, Toronto

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Utopia Love Ring Here is a HOT STUFF sex toy for males, and it came through as a real winner. It's called the UTOPIA VIBRATING LOVE RING.

Using a small, vibrating bullet that operates on watch batteries, a guy is going to need lotsa lubrication. First you slide the bullet into the sleeve called the Pleasure Tickler. Then you slide your well-lubricated penis into the stretchy silicone love ring right down to the base of your penis. If you are going to use this during sexual intercourse, the Pleasure Tickler faces up to provide clitoral stimulation to your partner. Or you can have the tickler pointing down for testicle stimulation.

This toy is small, quiet and discrete and seems to be very popular with our toy testers. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, this one rates 4 flaming briquets. Wow…

Sue's Mini Review

We get a lot of calls asking for ideas on how to spice up your sex life. Well, don't bother with "227 WAYS TO UNLEASH THE SEX GODDDESS WITHIN" by Olivia St. Claire, published by Harmony Books. You will learn absolutely nothing new, exciting or different. Will somebody please write a book for males to be called " 227 WAYS TO BE A STUD MUFFIN"?