Episode #004 - November 24, 2002

Sex in History

14k Gold Intracervical Device Okay, if you can recognize these items, you can probably get a job at the local sewage plant.

These jars contain elephant dung and crocodile dung, both of which were used as contraceptives about 3000 years ago. A piece of either dung would be placed in the vagina prior to intercourse.

Although these animals were probably chosen because of perceived mystical qualities, the fact of the matter is that this method may have worked. The dung may have blocked sperm from reaching the uterus and its high acidity would have provided some spermicidal action. I certainly wouldn't recommend this method of birth control and besides, these ingredients tend to be scarce in most American cities. I suggest you stick to condoms.
Items courtesy Janssen-Ortho Museum of Contraception, Toronto

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Vibrating Nipple Clamps Well, whatever works for you, we got it. These are variable speed vibrating nipple clamps. SAY WHAT? YUP, you heard right. Small watch batteries in the base of the clamp provide the vibrating action. The business end of the clamp has soft cushions and an adjustable pressure key so you can relax the pressure if it is uncomfortable.

Here's an interesting twist, no pun intended. A clamp may be used to provide clitoral stimulation. A couple of crew members volunteered to try these out and, judging by the smiles on their faces, they liked them. They thought the clamps would be fine for "solo" work but would look pretty silly flapping around if you were with a partner. For that reason, we give the Vibrating Nipple Clamps two briquets on the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE.

Sue's Mini Review

Finally a book about sexuality and aging. The NEW LOVE AND SEX AFTER 60 by Robert Butler and Myra Lewis published by Ballantine Books. It is the best book I have ever reviewed about sex and seniors. So, if that is where you are or if you have older parents, get the book and stand well back.