Episode #006 - December 8, 2002

Sex in History

Indian Fumigation kettle Okay, looks like an incense burner or an urn for keeping your relative's ashes in.

Well, guess again. It's a fumigation kettle designed for contraception. This method of birth control was practised in India for thousands of years. Herbs and other ingredients were used to create a medical steam that was introduced into the vagina after intercourse, presumably by the woman squatting on the vent in the kettle.

This must have been incredibly uncomfortable or downright painful, and it would have no contraceptive value at all, other than making you never want to have sex again. Mercifully, fumigation is another method of contraception that has ended up in the trash heap of history, where it belongs.
Items courtesy Janssen-Ortho Museum of Contraception, Toronto

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Microwavable Dong How appropriate for the HOT STUFF collection - a toy they call the HOT COCK MICROWAVABLE DONG. OK, do not believe the packaging that says "Smooth, ribbed pliable penis." This is not pliable, hot or cold. It is rigid and you could do major damage with it.

First, you put it in the microwave for no more than 20 seconds, then slide the vibrating bullet into the base, grab the remote control - whoa, this is one heavy mother! Your arm will give out before you get there. Hey, if nothing else, this will save you a trip to the gym. If you want something hot to play with, this is not the answer to a maiden's prayer.

On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, this baby rates one measly briquet.

Sue's Mini Review

You could never call me a prude, but this book made me squirm, and not with anticipation. SWEET LIFE, EROTIC FANTASIES FOR COUPLES, edited by VIOLET BLUE. If you don't like four-letter words to describe genitals, or a little rough sex, pass on this book. Your own fantasies can be hot enough.