Episode #009 - January 5, 2003

Sex in History

Indian Fertility Bracelet We're going to look at another method of contraception tonight, the notoriously unreliable rhythm method. This method is based on a woman's menstrual cycle, which varies from 21 to 35 days.

Women in India used to tackle these complex calculations with the "Fertile Period Beads".

Worn as a bracelet, each woman created her own individual set of beads, with red for menstruating days, green for fertile days, and white for safe days. Every day, the next bead would be marked so the wearer always knew the potential for pregnancy. Unfortunately, some women began to believe that the bracelet controlled their cycles and if they wanted to have sex, they would simply move the marker to a safe day. Needless to say, this didn't work out all that well.
Items courtesy Janssen-Ortho Museum of Contraception, Toronto

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Passion Throw Game This is a Sex Toy with a difference. Called PASSION THROW, it is a mat you put down on any large flat surface.

There is a large die and two padded markers. Rules are simple, throw the die, move to that circle and do as you are told. There are 40 different suggestions. Some will surprise you. One tells you, "You have cold hands, go back 2 spaces." Damn……. "Discipline needed, move back 2 squares" which lands you on Spanky Wanky. This could take all night, but getting there is half the fun. Be prepared to talk dirty or do a sexy lap dance. Don't do it on the kitchen table or you'll fall off and break a leg.

If you need inspiration, hang it over the head of the bed and go through all 40 moves before sex. Anyway, this game is great fun but you may tire of it quickly. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we're rating it TWO BRIQUETS.

Sue's Mini Review

Last week we had a call from a male who worried about pushing his testicles up into his abdomen when he was cross-dressing. Well, it is all here in the book MISS VERA'S FINISHING SCHOOL FOR BOYS WHO WANT TO BE GIRLS by Veronica Vera, published by Doubleday books.

This is a "how to" book that tells folks how to cross-dress successfully, but it does not answer why people cross-dress. There may not be an answer to "why", just accept that it happens and get on with it. I found the book very, very interesting. If you are curious, buy the book; otherwise, if you find it at a garage sale for a quarter, check it out.