Episode #011 - January 19, 2003

Sex in History

Believe it or not, the ancient Egyptians were using prophylactics thousands of years ago. They tied a small cloth over the head of the penis as protection against venereal disease. The Chinese employed a similar device - made of silk, no less - called a "yin-chia." Again, it only covered the head of the penis, although they also developed full-length condoms made of bone and tortoise shell. Youch!

The concept of using a prophylactic to prevent pregnancy first started in the 1600's.

Early sheepskin condoms Legend has it that a Dr. Conton, who worked in the court of King Charles II, invented the device for his lusty sovereign, but there is no proof that the good doctor ever existed. We don't really know where the word "condom" comes from.

We do know that the first modern condoms, such as this one, were made of sheep intestine, because of their natural flexibility and thinness. They provided minimal protection against contraception and disease, and they were not nearly as safe as today's latex model.
Items courtesy Janssen-Ortho Museum of Contraception, Toronto

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Anal Ecstasy butt plug Well, I don't know about you, but I am always suspicious when a product has a name like ANAL ECSTASY. "Ecstasy" is a subjective perception, and it usually don't come in a box.

My testers agreed - this gizmo was a different sensation and was slightly pleasurable, but fell far short of ecstasy. Basically, it is a purple-ridged Butt Plug, 6 1/2 inches tip to tail, has a obligatory vibrating bullet inside and the usual, unreliable, variable speed, hand-held 2 AA battery pack.

Apparently, it is too wide for comfort and is not very flexible, so it felt like a jiggling ramrod up your butt. Let's put it this way - you probably won't be able to bend over or sit down while wearing this toy.

If you get the feeling that Anal Ecstasy did not live up to promotional expectations, ya got it. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we're giving the ANAL ECSTASY one sputtering briquet.

Sue's Mini Review

This book was a real eye-opener for me. In Canada, we do not have a large black population, so we are not as aware of the stereotypes of black males as lazy, disrespectful and irresponsible.

Author William July II tackles the issue of "How do you deal with black male sexuality without falling prey to racist stereotypes?" He deals with subjects such as the society-bred antagonism between black men and women and the harm of media stereotyping to kids. Written with humour and sensitivity, I thought this was a great book.