Episode #012 - January 27, 2003

Sex in History

Unhappy goat Dildos have been around forever, but the Chinese came up with a novel sex toy around 1200 AD called the "Happy Ring".

It was made from the eyelid of a goat with the eyelashes intact. First, it was cured like leather, and then wrapped around the penis like a cockring. During intercourse, the long eyelashes reached far enough to stimulate the clitoris. Women loved it, men loved it - apparently, the only one who objected was the goat.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Lilac Lover It took some feat of ingenuity to design this complicated vibrator. Called the Lilac Lover, it is 7 inches long, has 5 levels of rotation, it is heavy and awkward, and it certainly is powerful. I guess this is what NASA scientists do in their spare time.

It has a huge soft phallic head with grooves and nubs, now that's useful. Then there is the sculpted lion which has 5 independent levels of vibration, so his chin hairs are supposed to pulsate on the clitoris or wherever. This lion has a magnetic connection, so you can take it off and apply it anywhere within a 3 foot radius. Powered by only 4 AA batteries, put 2 beaters in here and we could whip up a batch of cookies. My testers liked it, but they did not have to pay for it, so, on the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we're giving this baby 3 briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

Everybody fantasizes and sometimes it gets boring, so here is a great book of erotica suitable for men and women. THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW EROTICA, Carroll & Graf Publishing, is a collection from well known writers such as Anne Rice & Leonard Cohen. A grand TOTAL OF 572 pages of amazing, sexy stories. Get a copy for you and one for your mother-in-law.