Episode #013 - Feb. 2, 2003

Sex in History

White Cross Vibrator 1908 There was a time when women were regularly diagnosed with "hysteria", an actual medical condition that was believed to be the uterus "revolting" against a lack of stimulation. Hell, women were just horny. Doctors would treat this by stroking the vagina and clitoris of a patient until she had an orgasm.

Well, this was a time consuming process and doctors were overjoyed with the invention of electricity in the 1880's. Suddenly the electric vibrator became as indispensable as the stethoscope.

Naturally, women wanted a vibrator they could use in the privacy of their homes and in 1908, the Lindstrom and Smith Company introduced this handy dandy domestic version known as the White Cross Vibrator. Hey, that sounds medical, doesn't it?

Now, we haven't tried this out because we're afraid of getting electrocuted - look at the plug - but it comes with all sorts of attachments and instructions. Apparently it cured everything from spinal curvature to dandruff. There is a smooth button attachment that will relieve hysteria - we all know how that works. And you could send away for the "rectal attachment" that fits up your bum and is guaranteed to cure impotence. Cost $1.25 plus 2 cents postage.

This is such a great historical find because of the documentation. It shows us the way that the late Victorians viewed sex and their optimistic belief in new technology. The original guarantee is still in the box. Just amazing.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Allure Vacuum Pump for women Let's put a "Buyer Beware" advisory on this dumb of dumbest sex toys called ALLURE: QUIET STORM. It is based on the idea that if guys can use a vacuum suction device to get an erection, then EUREKA! - let's design one to help women get a clitoral erection. Here is how it is supposed to work - long thumb sized plastic tube, open at one end, connected to another smaller plastic tube, connected to a small squeeze pump and a vibrator. Got the picture?

Since many, many women do not even know where their clitoris is, this might be tricky. OK, so she puts the open end over her clitoris Pumps the bulb, draws out the air, negative pressure is supposed to draw blood into her clitoris for the erection.

Then you twist the top of the tube to start the vibrations. This does not vibrate the clitoris, no, it vibrates AROUND the clitoris. Totally useless and it takes hard cash and one AAA battery. Not worth it even if it was free. This sex aid barely lights one briquet on our HIBACHI OF LOVE.

Sue's Mini Review

This book has been a steady seller for years and it's a great read after a nasty break-up or divorce and you're back on the dating scene again. It bugs me that they prefer to "safe sex".There is no such thing as SAFE SEX, only SAFER SEX……