Episode #017 - March 2, 2003

Sex in History

Filter Queen vibrator Just when you think you've seen it all, a little gem like this comes along.

This is the FILTER QUEEN VIBRATOR from the 1960's, a vacuum cleaner attachment that turned your vacuum hose into a vibrating sex machine. I'll bet houses were a lot cleaner then.

The illustrations on the box show a man massaging his neck with the hose and "soothing away nervous tension" from his biceps. Maybe this was just a trick to get men to help with the cleaning. The woman of the house is shown inexplicably massaging her elbow. She's probably sore from all that vacuuming. There's no illustration of her sitting on the hose enjoying its soothing benefits, as it were, but the instructions state that it can be placed on "other parts of the body to be massaged".

Now, it would have been tough to fire up the Filter Queen after the kiddies had gone to bed, so odds are good that this was intended for daytime use by the "little lady". And you wondered why your mom was vacuuming the bedroom for so long with the door closed. It wasn't the dust - it was the lust.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Hello Clitty vibrator My toy testers had a bad week. We could not come up with a winner, so we are going to tell you that HELLO CLITTY is a total dud. It is a passionate purple, firm silicone vibrator that requires 4 AA batteries. The big push these days is to have a toy that has more functions than my standard transmission. This has 3 vibrations, pulse, surge, escalate and off.

Anatomically incorrect - if you used this for vaginal penetration, the "twig" misses the mark by a country mile. The package says it is good for anal tickling. O.K. now - How you are going to do this? NOT. These guys need an anatomy lesson. Better to say GOODBYE CLITTY. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, Hello Clitty rates one lukewarm briquette for having a cute name. Back to the drawing board fellas.

Sue's Mini Review

It may not be a coffee table book but it is beautiful 30th anniversary edition of this ground-breaking work by Alex Comfort, with colour drawings, no less. The text has been updated to address current sexual health concerns. A masterpiece.