H1>Episode #018 - March 9, 2003

Sex in History

Although the female body has remained the same shape for the last 6,000 years, the female breast has drifted in and out of fashion. Ancient talismans, such as the Venus of Willendorf that is 30,000 years old, show a female form with huge breasts and ample thighs. Considering mankind's nomadic existence at the time, it's unlikely that anyone was obese and this sculpture represents the idealized woman of that culture.

The Greeks and Romans were also big fans of full breasts and their fashion and art celebrated the female form.

By the 14th century , women's bodies were thought of as a poor variation of the ideal male form and fashion made them look more boyish.

The Edwardians preferred a slender waist and low-slung breasts with no cleavage. Their style is referred to as the "monobreast".

By the 1920's, the boyish look was back and women wore large, elasticized bands under their clothes to flatten the breasts.

When bras became popular in the 1930's, the breast was once again on display. Other than the 1960's, breasts have remained in vogue, along with the male belief that the bigger the better. Unfortunately, many women do not live up to this adolescent fantasy – me included – and I have three words for the fellas – "Get over it!"

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Waterproof Puzzle Vibe No, it is not a barber's pole. It is called a WATERPROOF PUZZLE VIBRATOR. This is an interesting toy for several reasons. It uses 2 AA batteries but it's waterproof, so that broadens its horizons beyond the bedroom. Basically, it is a rod with a series of rings that slide down over the central core. You can graduate the size or make interesting variations. The end piece is a screw-on knob that holds the whole thing together. This could be fun in the shower, but it is definitely not suitable for anal insertion since it is hard plastic and rigid.

I think the rings should all be different colours, red, yellow, green. Then little kids could place with it in the bathtub too. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the Puzzle Vibrator rates two briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

This book is a wonderful alternative for women who suffer PMS for up to 10 days before a menstrual period is due. Sara Rosenthal provides plenty of herbal remedies that may be helpful in relieving the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Publisher Prentice Hall Canada.