Episode #019 - March 16, 2003

Sex in History

Viking by Mats Jonasson The Vikings are known for their brutal conquest of Britain and their rugged lifestyle. Apparently, their barbaric nature extended to the bedroom.

In Viking culture, all marriages were arranged by the parents. If a couple dared to elope, the husband was considered an outlaw and the wife could be legally killed by her relatives. Come to think of it, I've been at a few weddings like that. Divorce was allowed to both partners in only ONE circumstance - if either of the spouses were caught cross-dressing. Men had more grounds for divorce but they had to be pretty convincing or else the woman's relatives had the right to immediately kill the husband. And, although a man could sleep around all he wanted, if a married woman was caught committing adultery, the husband had to right to immediately kill the lover.

With marriage laws like that at home, conquering the Brits must have seemed like a piece of cake.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Raspberry Kiss Treasure Trove Good thing the HOT STUFF bag is huge because tonight we have a treasure trove in here, literally.

It's called the RASPBERRY KISS TREASURE TROVE, a beautiful tin full of goodies guaranteed to spark a romantic bonfire. First, there's a lovely, wood-handled duster and that comes with some flavoured "honey dust". Dip your duster in the powder and gently fluff it on your partner's chest or thighs. It is an edible, scented talc - cornstarch, probably - and you can get busy next and lick it all off. Then, there's some Raspberry Oil of Love Lotion for a nice massage. Rub this in - wherever - and it warms the skin when you blow on it. Finally, there's the Raspberry Pleasure Balm, an ointment with a mild desensitizing ingredient. It's flavoured too, but since it will make your tongue go numb, I don't suggest you get it in your mouth unless you want to talk funny during sex.

This is an expensive product that's a great treat for a special occasion, like when the kids have gone to camp. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the Raspberry Kiss Treasure Trove rates three sizzling briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

No one should be afraid to talk about their sexuality with their health care provider. That is information that is important for your well-being. Dr. Moser encourages professionals and patients to deal with the truth without shame. A good book for anyone who is shy about their sexuality.