Episode #021 - April 6, 2003

Sweet Secretions
New Product!

We get this question alot - "How can I make my partner's semen taste better?" Hey, I always say why would you want it in your mouth anyway, but it is important to some people. Well, lo and behold, Sweet Secretions showed up and a member of the crew tried it out. Here's his comments:

"I tried it for a week and it certainly didn't make my semen taste sweet, but it did totally remove the saltiness. In fact, it ended up having no taste at all. Plus it was thinner, more watery, and that would be much easier to deal with. I would definitely recommend this product."

Sweet Secretions is a herbal supplement that apparently works. If you are on any other medication, you should consult with your doctor before trying it out. Otherwise, go for it!

Sex in History

Those Wacky Vestals! The Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome were so legendary that we still know of them 2,000 years later. Six females were chosen from wealthy Roman families to spend their life in celibacy, tending the eternal fire in the temple of the goddess, Vesta. They were inducted around age 10 and committed to 30 years of fire-tending on behalf of the state. If the fire went out, they were whipped. However, if a Vestal lost her virginity, the punishment was a lot nastier. She was taken to a public site and, with the crowd as a witness, forced into a small underground chamber where she was buried alive. Apparently the Romans took virginity even more seriously than Dr. Laura.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Primal Bondage Kit This is a great little package for couples who want to try a bit of "vanilla" kink without feeling like they've been slimed. It's called the WILD SEX PRIMAL BONDAGE KIT and, as it says on the box, it contains "everything you need to harness your wild beast." The Humane Society will be relieved.

There's a 7" hard plastic vibrator with the usual, unpredictable speed control. Nothing unique about that. Then there's some Strawberry Warming Massage Oil. You rub this in wherever, blow on it, and it heats up the skin. It's a lovely, tingly sensation. You can store these items in the cute, leopard print satchel that comes with the kit.

And if you were wondering where the 'bondage" comes in, there's a set of fur-lined, leopard print hand-cuffs and a fur-lined blindfold. That's as kinky as it gets. Now, these are pretty flimsy and obviously intended for gentle usage, not for a night at the Barracks. This is for couples whose idea of kink is bowling on Sunday mornings. Really, it's just a fun way to spice up the evening.

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we're giving the Primal Bondage Kit three briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

Got the urge? Read the book - URGE: HOT SECRETS FOR GREAT SEX by Gabrielle Morrissey, published by Thorsons Publishing. Australian sexologist Morrissey offers frank and humorous advice on everything from premature ejaculation to the disadvantages of sex on Special K. Aimed at a younger demographic, it's a surprisingly informative book.