Episode #022 - April 13, 2003

Sex in History

French Postcard circa 1900 You may think of pornography as being a relatively recent phenomenon. Well, think again.

The French invented photography in 1839 and within two years, erotic photographs were widely popular in Europe. In fact, in 1842 - a mere three years after the invention of photography - the U.S. Congress passed a law forbidding the import of "obscene or immoral pictures".

A type of art known as the "French Postcard" flourished and here are a few examples from around 1900. As you can see, many of these were essentially art studies and they were indeed used as postcards. Can you imagine one of these showing up in the mailbox now? They showed the idealized form of a woman of that era, plump and curvaceous. Men were rarely photographed nude. Some of the cards were explicitly pornographic and we're not showing you those examples. A bit too racy, even for us.

So, don't think that pornography is a modern concern. It's been around for the last 160 years and shows no sign of letting up.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Sweet Secretions & Kegel Pro Time for the HOT STUFF bag and we've got two items in here tonight - one designed for men and one designed for women.

First off, for the guys there's SWEET SECRETIONS. We get a lot of calls about making ejaculate taste better and this product seems to do the trick. It's a herbal supplement that a male takes daily. According to our tester, it takes the salty, musky flavour out of semen and makes it much thinner and easier to deal with. In spite of the picture on the bottle, it does NOT make it taste like cherries. However, according to our guinea pig, it does make it a lot more palatable. Of course, I figure, why would you want it in your mouth anyway, but whatever.

And for the ladies, there's KEGEL PRO. Folks seem to have a mental block against doing Kegel exercises - don't know why because they work. So with that in mind, they have come up with the KEGEL PRO. It looks like a nutcracker, but you guys can relax, it is basically a thigh master for the pubococcygeal muscles. Lubricate it well, squeeze the handles together and gently insert into the vagina. Then you squeeze your crotch muscles on the handles, relax, then squeeze again. They recommend you do it for 3 minutes every other day. For increased sensations, great sex, for better bladder control, you choose - either you do Kegel exercises without an aid for free, or go for the KEGEL PRO. At least it works.

We think both these products are winners and on our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, they are getting four briquets - that's two each.


Sue's Mini Review

Honestly, I loved this book, A NEW VIEW OF WOMEN'S SEXUAL PROBLEMS, that examines sex therapy for women. However, since it's written by clinicians and social scientists, it may be a bit too technical for the average reader. It's published by Haworth Publishing.