Episode #023 - April 20, 2003

Sex in History

With SARS in the news, this seems like a propitious time to talk about another epidemic, one that likely originated in North America - syphilis.

There's a strong possibility that the early explorers took syphilis home with them after having sex with native women. By 1700, 15% of all the men in Europe had the disease. Syphilis is a bacterium that usually causes a chancre shortly after infection. After the sore disappears, the disease can lie dormant for up to 20 years, slowly leading to the destruction of major organs, blindness, and even madness.

It's the type of madness often associated with genius - euphoric heights of creativity and extreme lows of depression - and those who suffered from it are like a who's who of Western culture: Beethoven, Van Gogh, Schubert, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. Al Capone and probably even Hitler had syphilis. During the American Civil War, a full half of the California regiment was debilitated by the disease. Who knows how much sooner the war would have ended if this had not been the case?

After the invention of penicillin in 1943, syphilis was nearly eradicated, but not quite. Once again, it is on the rise. Syphilis has changed history before - let's play it safe by wearing condoms and make sure it doesn't do it again.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

DIY Sex Toys As promised, we have a collection of homemade sex toys for your fun and games. Let's look at what I came up with this year. They don't call me the QUEEN OF CHEAP for nothing.

Garage sales are a happy hunting ground for me. I found these Xmas decorations as well as a better place to hang them than on the tree. The male slides this over his penis, and plays jingle bell rock all the way into the bedroom. Hey, is that your antler or are you happy to see me?

For a lovely fuzzy massage, any piece of fur fabric feels great. I'm using the windshield ice scraper mitt, turned inside out. Please remove the scraper first, o.k.?

These were supposed to be used for ice, but I made up jello, filled the molds and they make a cool, kinky addition to ice cream for dessert. You won't mind swallowing for a change.

Next to garage sales, my other favourite haunt is The Dollar Store. While I was there, I found these cute kids hair clips. How about you clip them in your pubic hair to get your partners attention? Here's another dollar store find - a glitter light, cheap and romantic.

A bungee cord can be used for gentle bondage. It's more comfortable than leather and might even help when you slide off the bed. Boing!

Here is an idea for suggestive reminders: find cute cartoons in the weekend comics, glue them on a recipe card and add your own captions. What's Blondie REALLY thinking.... Finally - this takes a little forethought, but buy a cheap battery operated tooth brush, cheapest available. You can use the backside of the bristle as a vibrator, or cut a hole in foam make-up wedge and slide over the bristles. Don't use the bristle end, take my word for it, it hurts big time.

There you go, cheap and easy, that's my motto. Use your imagination and have fun. You'll at least have a good giggle if nothing else.

Sue's Mini Review

If you are a woman, here is a must have book for your library, "FOR WOMEN ONLY:A Revolutionary Guide for Reclaiming your Sex Life" by Laura and Jennifer Berman. The Berman sisters are pioneers in the field of female sexual dysfunction and this is probably the best book about healthy sexuality, problems and solutions around. Highly recommended.