Episode #024 - April 27, 2003

Sex in History

Although it was first discovered over 2500 years ago, Spanish Fly is so legendary that we still get questions about it. Let me tell you about this ancient - and deadly - version of Viagra.

Around 500 BC, some brave soul discovered that a powder created by crushing the bodies of dried meloid beetles could cause an erection. As it turns out, meloid beetles contain "cantharitin", a chemical that irritates the urinary tract resulting in a painful and prolonged erection. Well, I guess it was better than old floppy.

The problem was that the powder was so lethal that a mere trace of it could cause kidney failure. Just a bit more would instantly cause convulsions and death. That was one medical trial you didn't want to be in.

In spite of its fatal reputation, men continued to dally with Spanish Fly until the 1800's. Then, someone got the bright idea of giving it to women instead, hoping to turn them into sex maniacs. Since it is not actually an aphrodisiac, it had little effect on females, other than killing them.

So, if you see a product advertised as containing "Spanish Fly", don't believe it. If it were real, the makers would be spending more time in court than the tobacco companies.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

The Cock Cage You gotta love the name of this sex toy..THE COCK CAGE.

Now this is a new idea, a wireless bullet that is powered by 3 watch batteries. It slides into a loop at the bottom of the silicone sleeve called the cage. There are 4 rows of vibrating pearls imbedded in the cage, but there is an erection brace to provide support for his sagging penis. The pearls can be popped out for easy cleaning, but getting them back in requires co-ordination.

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, it was a split decision - a few of our infamous testers gave it 3 briquettes, others rated it as a 2. There was a concern about the silicone splitting while trying to load the bullet into it. So you decide whether you want to cage your beast.

Sue's Mini Review

The Yale Guide to Women's Reproductive Health is an awkward title but it is a great guide book explaining how the body works, problems, solutions and prevention. Written by Drs. Minkin and Wright, it's a medical sourcebook you can use for life. Just a super book!