Episode #025 - May 4, 2003

Sex in History

Medieval Chastity Belt Around 1300, the Italians came up with an ingenious way to make sure their women remained faithful - the chastity belt.

This device was made of metal. It consisted of a belt around the waist and a curved piece that reached from front to back between the legs, covering the vagina and the rectum. There was a small hole in the rear for the obvious bodily function.

Originally, the belt was intended as a form of protection to prevent women from being raped by marauding armies. It was literally locked in place and the man of the house possessed the only key. Soon, men realized that keeping the little lady locked up while they were away at war guaranteed there wouldn't be any surprise bambinos when they got home.

Believe it or not, chastity belts continued in regular use until the 1800's and modern versions are still available.
Graphic by Jordan Cole

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Pleasure Commander Red, hot and blue, that is our sex toy for this week, called the PLEASURE COMMANDER. It is a small bullet that does a big job. There are 3 vibrating speeds, 2 surging speeds, 2 escalating speeds and 4 pulsating. Now I don't know about you, but I call that overkill. Whatever happened to OFF & ON? It needs 3 AA batteries to power the sucker and a lot of patience to figure out how to turn it off.

It has a soft silicone attachment - the bullet slides in here, then you slide the ring over your finger. Then can be used for vaginal or clitoral stimulation. Or you can slide the ring over the penis for solitary masturbation or to stimulate the partner's clitoris during intercourse.

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the Pleasure Commander rates 2 briquets.