Episode #026 - May 11, 2003

Sex in History

We all know that blondes have more fun - and I can speak from personal experience on this one - but have you ever wondered where the Western fascination with blonde hair originated? I mean, why not redheads instead?

It all goes back to ancient Rome. Prostitutes were licensed by the State, but the Senators wanted a more obvious way of identifying the local ladies of the night. In 40 AD, they decreed that prostitutes had to dye their hair blonde, a sure-fire way to stand out in a population of dark-haired Mediterraneans.

Apparently, it was one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history. Soon, every red-blooded Roman male wanted a blonde woman by his side - and in his bed. Well, the rest of the female population was not going to take this lying down, as it were, and it wasn't long until respectable ladies all over town were dying their hair blonde. In an effort to upstage the working girls, they then embellished their golden locks with gold and silver dust.

So, the association of blondeness and sexual proficiency was established by the laws of one state, and that belief persists to this day. Of course, sometimes it is true...

Sue's Favourite Books of the Season

Every season, we like to do a wrap up of the best books that we've had on the show this year. So, heads up - there is bound to be at least one book that will meet some of your needs or answer some of your questions. I have not rank ordered them because they all focus in on different topics. Here are my faves:

THE JOY OF SEX by Dr. Alex Comfort has been updated and revised; full of ideas about positions, some basic information; it is almost a book you would be proud to put on your coffee table - well, perhaps not….

We get so many questions about the G SPOT. Written by Donald Hicks, UNDERSTANDING THE G SPOT will help you hit the spot whenever.

The INS AND OUTS OF GAY SEX is a medical handbook and - while it was designed for Gay males - because anal sex is so prevalent, I think everybody should read this book.

While we are talking medical and sex books, this is the best - FOR WOMEN ONLY, written by sisters, one is a medical doctor the other a sex therapist - don't get better than that.

Attention all parents of tweens and teens, do your kids a favour - pick up THE S BOOK by Jane Pavanel, the absolute best book about sex for kids. It fills all the gaps in their school sex education.

THE NEW LOVE AND SEX AFTER 60 by Butler and Lewis is just a great book for mature adults - this one is a keeper.

THE NEW INTIMACY by Shervan and Sniechowsky will not be a book for everybody, but it does provide some insights into a good loving relationship.

At the other end of the spectrum, DOING IT, REAL PEOPLE HAVING REALLY GOOD SEX - great information plus a variety of suggestions for fun sex play.

Last but not least, NOCTURNAL ADMISSIONS, the behind the scenes look at the crew and antics of the TALK SEX show. And you thought we just sat around eating bonbons!

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Natural Contours Ultime This vibrator has been out for awhile but it is one of the best on the market. It is called Natural Contours Ultime and it has a unique shape for a vibrator - not a big honking phallic toy, but a small, L shaped, plastic stimulator. It takes 2 AA batteries and it features a unique angle that gets to those hard to reach places. Great for clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal, although it probably won't reach the elusive G-spot.

This baby will win a prize at the fair - well, at least in your collection of HOT STUFF SEX TOYS in the bedside table. On the HIBACHI OF LOVE, Natural Contours rates 3 briquets.

Buy it online!