Episode #027 - May 18, 2003

Sex in History

Corset ad from 1890's When it comes to fashion victims, it's hard to find a more sorry lot than those poor English women who suffered an entire century in the grip of the dreaded corset.

During the 1800's, the ideal female figure - according to men, of course - was the hour-glass figure. This exaggerated form consisted of a large, mono-breast and broad hips joined in the middle by the "wasp" waist. Ideally, a man should have been able to reach around his beloved's waist with two hands. Being severely laced into a tight corset was the only way that women could achieve these dimensions.

Women were the weaker sex and the corset made sure they stayed that way. It crushed organs and constricted breathing so much that the wearers frequently fainted. Between "shape-shifting" and being treated for "hysteria", it was clear to the Victorians that the female constitution was inherently unsound, constantly in need of maintenance.

Oddly, the device that was designed to suppress sexuality - the corset - became an object of eroticism itself. Think of how many Westerns you've seen where the local prostitute is always wearing one. Well, luckily I didn't wear mine tonight so I'm not too breathless to answer your calls.
Illustration by Jordan Cole

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Vixen Butt Plug Recently, I spent an entire day at the opening of a new sex store, and I was super saturated with butt plugs, vibrators and dildos. Well, not literally, but this little gem caught my eye. It's a soft, silicone flexible butt plug by Vixen and it has all the elements of a good toy. Not too big with a large base so you are not going to lose it - you know where. It is easy to clean, hey, it is even dishwasher safe. Now, there's a giggle. But most butt plugs are a good giggle anyhow - it adds a whole new dimension to raking the lawn if you have a butt plug in place. Interesting sensation……

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the Vixen butt plug rates 3 flaming briquets. Hey, you can even wear it while you're barbecuing.

Sue's Mini Review

Rather than a book, this week we previewed a great sex info video from the Sinclair Institute. Called TOYS FOR BETTER SEX, a comprehensive guide on how to use sex toys to their - and your - best advantage. An excellent video.