Episode #028 - May 25, 2003

Sex in History

You know, when we're doing the research for this segment, there seems to be an endless supply of weird historical facts about sex, everything from chastity belts to steam-powered vibrators, but this one surprised even us.

In 1950, the American Atomic Energy Commission suggested that resistance to radiation could be enhanced by injecting people with female hormones. Apparently they tested their theory on mice and it worked just fine.

Now, think about that. We're not talking about giving soldiers gas masks. We're talking about injecting them with progesterone. Hey, when they all started growing breasts and losing body hair, things could have got real interesting in the barracks at night. Radiation would have been the least of their problems. As far as we know, the military completely ignored this project.

Just another footnote from the trash heap of history.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Top 10 Sex Toys!

Well, it's the time again. Our Adult Toy Testing Council has survived another season of vapid vibrators, dumb dildoes, and crappy creams, and here's our picks for best sex products of the year:

1. This WILD SEX PACKAGE was very popular with my crew. There was fun stuff here - soft handcuffs, a sexy blindfold that is not scary, a functional multi speed vibrator, a warming strawberry flavoured massage oil and a leopard fabric carrying bag. It all adds up to a fun evening when the kids are away at camp.

2. On the practical side we have the KEGEL PRO. Use this to strengthen your pubococcygeal muscles while you are at the computer or watching TV. Your partner can use it too.
Buy online - click here.

3. This is cute - THE WORM is a simple, soft, silicone variable speed vibrator that only needs 2 AA batteries. Handy for clitoral stimulation but also for G Spot stimulation. Covered with a condom, it also could be used for anal penetration.
Buy online - click here.

4. The UTOPIA VIBRATING LOVE RING looks complicated but is mul;ti purpose. Small bullet in here can be used to stimulate her clitoris while the vibrating ring slides over his penis, or reverse it and stimulate his testicles. It takes 3 watch batteries that will last some time if you remove them when not in use.

5. If you are complaining that your partners ejaculate is strong and yechy, order some SWEET SECRETIONS. Taken daily, my testers claim the ejaculate became almost tolerable.
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6. Folks are always worrying that the penis is not large enough. This is the most realistic and effective penis extender on the market, called the CYBERSKIN PENIS EXTENDER. Please know that you have to care for cyberskin toys as recommended.

7. Couples really enjoyed this package - the KAMA SUTRA TREASURE TROVE was a real bonus for a romantic weekend. Included are Pleasure Balm, a massage oil, a bag of Honey Dust and an appealing feather duster.

8. Well, I thought this was a stupid toy but my testers disagreed. POWER PALS is a multi speed vibrator, the head rotates, there is a vibrating mouse designed to provide clitoral stimulation and we were not sure what this tail is for. Must have been good for them…

9. This is the cheapest sex toy investments - you can get it for anywhere from $10.00 to $40.00. There is even a style that you can use in the Jacuzzi. Small, silent and discrete. (NOTE: This toy was not supposed to be on the list, but someone - we won't mention any names - forgot to bring in the item that should have been here - the LEATHER CINCH COCKRING. Putting this cheesy vibrator on instead was a desperation move, so we suggest you ignore it!)

10. These are big and bulky but the LIBERATOR SHAPES PILLOWS make a wide variety of sexual positions quite do-able. The possibilities are endless and your mother in law will never guess what they are really for.
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What toys did the crew pick? Click here!