Episode #029 - October 19, 2003

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Time for the HOT STUFF bag, and I have been waiting all summer to show you this one. Sometimes we discover a toy that is so nauseating that you can't imagine what they were thinking. Last year it was Sphincterine. This year, it's the VIDEO VOYEUR.

Ready for your close-up? Okay, it's a chrome coloured, hard plastic dildo with a vibrating egg on a flexible cord. So far, so good. You can stimulate the clitoris with the egg while inserting the dildo into some opening or another.

But, they couldn't leave well enough alone. What they've done is put a tiny camera into the end of the dildo. Yes, you heard right, a camera that only focuses on close-ups and it hooks up to your TV. Here, let me show you….on my hand. (demonstate) All I can say is thank God it's in black and white. And just in case you're worried about putting it where the sun don't shine, relax - they've even added a light to the tip.

Now, I'm not sure why you would want to see inside your or anyone else's body, but each to his or her own. I suspect that it's no accident that it looks like a medical device. Hey, practise your own colonoscopies at home. Great for the budding gynecologist. I mean, really. The fact of the matter is that the dildo is far too rigid for any pleasureable use and the seams make it very hard to clean. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the Video Voyeur one sputtering briquet, and that's only because we can't get any lower.

Sue's Mini Review

SEX, POWER & THE VIOLENT SCHOOL GIRL by Sibylle Artz, published by Teachers College Press, is an insightful book about the increase of violence in public schools in recent years. Did you know that 23.5% of hitting females have been sexually abused, and that 13.7% of hitting females have been pressured into sex against their will as compared to 7.3% of non hitting females?

Although the book is not for everyone, concerned parents and youth workers will gain insight into what may make a teenage female violent.