Episode #032 - November 9, 2003
Hot Stuff Sex Toy

We get a lot of questions about lubricants, and we decided that tonight we'd take a look at some of the best. Boy, we have come a long way from good old Vaseline or baby oil.

Recommended Lubricants Walk into any good sex store and you will find a virtual geyser of lubrication. All the products we are going to show you are water soluble and safe for use with condoms.

O MY is made from Hemp oil, and although you won't get stoned if you use it, it certainly is pleasurable and also acts as a moisturizer. INTIMÉ is made by a small, family-run business, and it is silky and smooth, and doesn't get sticky when it dries. It is also sugarless and made with grapefruit seed extract which is supposed to discourage yeast, bacteria and fungal infections. Trojan gets honorable mention for its supple lube, LIQUID SILK.

Here is a handy large economy size squirt bottle of SLIPPERY STUFF. We liked this because it was a little thicker, therefore less messy. GLO GETTER is in a bottle that actually glows in the dark - no fumbling around trying to find it in the bottom of the drawer. It is promoted for sensual dips in swimming pools and hot tubs, but is "water dispersible" (whatever that means). It is a bit runny, so don't use it till you get to the pool or you'll slip and break a hip. We don't recommend having intercourse underwater anyway. That can be dangerous

Have fun trying these out, and a word of caution - those small samples that are included with sex toys are often thick and gummy, especially with a condom, and of course, you WILL be using a condom….. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, all of our lubes tonight get 4 briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

I love it - a fun, "how to" masturbation guide for women. TICKLE YOUR FANCY - A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO SEXUAL SELF PLEASURE by Sadie Allison, published by Tickle Kitty Press.

Finally…. When you think that most women reach their very first orgasm through solitary masturbation, and when you know that Masters and Johnson, way back in the 1980's, found that the level of sexual satisfaction was higher with solitary masturbation than it was with intercourse… wow, it's about time women learned the ins and outs of solitary sex. Get the book by Sadie Allison.