Episode #033 - November 16, 2003

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

People think that "strap-ons" are kinda kinky, but they have their uses. For example, if a male partner has difficulty maintaining an erection, he can just strap one of these on - or if a male partner wants to receive anal stimulation from his female partner, then a strap-on gives her a chance to ride in the saddle, as it were. Hustler Cyberskin Strap-on

Usually "strap-on's' are black and ugly. This Hustler Cyberskin strap-on is incredibly soft, but it is firm enough to stand up on its own. It is also hollow so a penis could fit inside. That'll give you an extra couple of inches if you are feeling a bit shrimpish. Like all Cyberskin products, it is very expensive. A few things you need to know about cyberskin - it tears easily and duct tape is not a good repair idea, in spite of what Red Green says. You have to take care when cleaning them, and don't store them near rubber sex toys because a chemical reaction occurs that melts the rubber. Use a condom with this toy and remove it after use.

Cyberskin may be great, but these straps suck. These are the flimsiest straps and they won't hold the toy at attention for long - a floppy dildo is not a thing of beauty and you really don't want to glue it to your leg. Cute. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the Hustler Cyberskin Strap-on rates one floppy briquet, mainly because of the wussy straps.

Sue's Mini Review

Touted as the answer to boring monotonous sex, this book, SEDUCE ME! HOW TO IGNITE YOUR PARTNER'S PASSION by Darcy Cole, is pretty much the same old same old. It would be a great start if couples could read it together, but after a little hanky panky, they will probably come up with much better ideas all by themselves. Also, I felt it was aimed more at men than women. How about some seduction ideas for the ladies? Wait for this one in a garage sale.