Episode #034 - November 23, 2003

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

The Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure Although this video does not really qualify as a sex toy, it is just packed full of ideas and information about Anal Sex. It is produced and distributed by THE SINCLAIR INSTITUTE in North Carolina. O.k. You may be thinking that bum sex is just not your style, but our stats tell us that calls about anal sex are one of our most popular topics, both in Canada and the U.S.

If performed by two consenting adults, practicing safer sex, anal sex can be very pleasurable and satisfying for both males and their partners. Partners may be a female or another male, and if you are anxious about anal sex, afraid it will be painful, this video has detailed instructions on enjoyable relaxation techniques that will make anal sex a whole new experience. Sinclair makes great instructional videos about sex, and they use real couples who look like real people, not models, and they talk about their own personal sexual experiences. I would like to have seen more information about the potential dangers of anal sex, although they do say if it hurts, stop. That's my rule of thumb - gently, Bentley.

By and large, the Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure will give you a realistic overview of the subject and rates four briquets on the HOT STUFF hibachi of love.

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