Episode #037 - December 14, 2003

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

3 Fantasy Kits Tonight, the HOT STUFF bag looks like it came from Santa's erotic workshop. It is filled with kits aimed at steaming up anybody's sex life.

If you have to give a gift to a friend who may be a bit timid about this sort of thing, there's MY FIRST FANTASY KIT. It contains a soft blindfold, a small vibrator, a lovely feather for stroking and a pillow pack of flavored lube. Nice non-threatening but a fun gift for a good friend.

For a more frisky pal, check out the NEVERENDING HONEYMOON KIT - a soft blindfold, fabric wrist cuffs and a small whip for gentle stimulation. It will give you a mild sting in all the right places.

And for the most adventurous types, there's the SEXY SLAVE KIT, complete with restraints and tethers. Do not give this to your mother-in-law.

These are toys that many folks would not buy for themselves, but they may appreciate an unusual gift like this. Unfortunately, the quality is low on these products. You'd be better off buying the items individually and creating your own fantasy kits. But, if you want convenience, these are absolutely ideal. Check your local sex store if you are stuck for gift ideas. Surpriseā€¦..

On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the whole lot 2 briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

You will have to bear with me as I rave about this superb book by Anne Hooper. THE INTIMATE GUIDE TO SEXUAL FULFILLMENT - PURE SEX. It looks beautiful, like a coffee table book, although this will probably end up on the bedside table for inspiration. For those of you who find it difficult to tell your partner what you'd like, or are looking for something new, exciting and different, all you have to do is point to a specific page. Follow the numbers. I love this book, buy it as a gift for your partner, or better still, for yourself. Great book, great information, get PURE SEX.