Episode #041 - January 25, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Masturbation Jump Start Kit It's another sex toy from Tickle Kitty, and this one is a real winner. It is called the"Masturbation Jump Start kit" and it is all here.

Start out by reading Sadie Allison's book TICKLE YOUR FANCY - A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO SEXUAL SELF-PLEASURE. That's the primer - then there's a potpourri of pokey things to practise with. There is a Grape Missile Jelly Dildo, no vibrations but a very satisfying size and shape. There is a waterproof Mini Massager, which is the best beginner toy, takes 1 AA battery, great for clitoral stimulation. For G spot excitement, there is a curved vibrator specifically designed to reach that special area in the vagina. To complete the collection, there is a nice bath and shower gel to get you in the mood. And another essential - a bottle of Slippery Kitty lubrication. The whole she-bang, as it were, comes in a zippered, clear plastic carrying case with a handle.

Tickle Kitty thought of everything, a great idea for a sexual pleasure Valentines gift, or for any time really. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the Masturbation Jump Start Kit rates 4 sizzling briquets.

Recent Survey Results

In our recent 'talksexwithsue.com Sex Survey', 3% of women and 17% of men admitted that they had paid for sex on at least one occasion.