Episode #043 - February 8, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Hustler Hot Nights Vibe & Glow in the Dark Jelly Penis Vibe We focus on so many vibrators, all sizes, shapes, colours and functions. Here's a new twist - two Glow in the Dark jel-lee vibrators. Puts a whole new meaning to "you light up my life".

This long, knobby, passionate pink vibrator is waterproof and has a handy wrist strap, so if you can't see Neon in the dark, it is attached to your wrist. You could roll over in bed and clunk your partner on the head - nice touch.

Meanwhile the lumiscent orange vibrator is 6 ¾ inches long and is curved to hit the G-Spot. Both take 2 AA batteries and are not frightfully expensive.

The manufacturers don't state what makes them glow, so if you have very sensitive skin or suffer from allergic skin reactions, I'd suggest you cover it with a condom and use lotsa lube. Now, there is nothing innovative about these shapes, but it's kind of a fun idea and handy when you are fumbling around in the dark. Great for a camping trip. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are rating both of these at 2 briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

I was not too sure how I was going to feel reviewing this beautiful book, PHOTO SEX. It is a collection of the work of 35 different photographers. The pictures are all very explicit, covering all areas of gender, sexual orientation, race, age and ethnicity. I was aware of the expressions of joy and tenderness in the pictures, and I must admit, it is an amazing book. By contrast, it clarifies how pornography is dirty and tacky. So while it is not a coffee table book for everybody, it is tender, caring and sensitive. May even let the grandchildren see it in a few years.