Episode #046 - February 29, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Play Safe Thong This week, we have two treats in the HOT STUFF bag - something for the gals and something for the guys.

Ladies, the thong is the thing, and here is a brilliant addition to make sure you never leave home without protection. Called the PLAY SAFE THONG, there is a secret discrete pocket in front for one condom. This is one toy that I was happy to try, and I'm not a thong kind of gal, but one size fits all, and they were right. The Play Safe thong came with a bulky condom in the pocket, I would suggest you pick up some of these small flat condom packages, neat, comfortable and discrete.

My thong came in black, but it is available in provocative pinks, polka dots, leopard or cheetah design, one for every day of the week. They are inexpensive and available at playsafethong.com.

Now, for the guys, a frequent complaint we get is that the condom is too tight. Personally I think he is suffering delusions of grandeur, he's THAT big. Condomania has the solution, a custom fit condom. This is a brilliant idea.

You go to their web site, download this chart, and measure your erection, the length and the circumference. The measurements are marked in random letters and numbers on the chart, so nobody needs to know how big you really are. Then, you send them the information and purchase your size online. They provide 55 sizes, from 3 inches to 10 inches. Our tester who tried these said that it felt like he was wearing nothing, the fit was so good.

So, there you go. Something for everyone tonight. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, both of these products rate 3 briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

The SINCLAIR INTIMACY INSTITUTE is well established as the provider of accurate information about satisfying sex. They have an amazing BETTER SEX VIDEO series covering all aspects of human sexuality. Now they have published this fantastic book, THE 10 SECRETS TO GREAT SEX by Felicia Zopol. It is all here, how to spice things up, how men can experience multiple orgasms, this book covers all bases. It's new in bookstores, so pick it up now.