Episode #047 - March 7, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Discreet Pleasurizer This is quite a change from your traditional phallic shaped vibrator. It is called the ARIA'S DISCREET PLEASURIZER and is no bigger than the mouse of your computer. It fits snugly into the palm of your hand. The two triple A batteries fit into the pack then it twists and locks onto your choice of pleasure heads. You can adjust the speed to satisfy your senses.

Our researcher found it took three finger nails, a crowbar, and a few choice words to open the flap for the batteries, and you practically needed Arnold Schwarzenegger to twist the attachment together. But other than that, it is a great little discrete sex toy. The attachments are hard plastic, and the guys liked that for massage probably more than the ladies did. Put a little lube on it and go at his back, his legs, his buttocks, his inner thighs - hey, who knows where you'll end up? And the great thing is, it doesn't look like a vibrator. He's not gonna shriek when he sees this coming.

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the DISCREET PLEASURIZER 3 briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

If you are involved with a divorced man, this book is a must read, a "must memorize", before you go any further. Leslie Fram has just published "How to Marry a Divorced Man", filled with information, ideas and red flags, all presented with a wonderful sense of humour. Is he recycled goods or a keeper? This book helps to take the guesswork out of that question. I call it a reality check.