Episode #048 - March 14, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Glass Dildos Whenever I visit a sex store, I stop to admire these beautiful glass dildos. It would be a pity to put these works of art away in a drawer. I would be inclined to put them on the coffee table. Just look at the magnificent colours, the artistry, the skill required to make these toys, all handmade and unique.

Sure, they are beautiful, but how safe are they? We know of one very reputable store that will not stock them because of potential injury from the glass breaking.

Under normal circumstances, the manufacturers claim the dildos are unbreakable. Well, we decided to test their durability earlier this evening. Take a look at our adventure….

We go to a shot of Sue in the hallway outside the studio door. She drops a glass dildo from chest-height onto the carpeted floor. No problem. It bounces and she retrieves it. Then, she steps back to the tiled entrance to the studio and drops the dildo from the same height onto that surface. To everyone's shock, it explodes into hundreds of pieces of glass, scattering dramatically across the hall.

So, that's what happened when they were dropped. That's the kind of floor you could have in your bathroom and if you dropped it there while you were in your bare feet, you could get cut. The problem is that all glass has a tensile point where it can shatter because of temperature changes or a flaw in the glass. These are as safe as they can be, but ultimately, it is up to you whether you would want to stick one of these into your body. Regardless, they are easy to clean, and if you must store them outa sight, they come in a padded velvet bag to protect them.

A glass dildo like this would a beautiful erotic sex toy to give to the love of your life, but it may be more suitable as a work of art than an action figure. Don't even bother firing up the HIBACHI because we are rating glass dildos at zero briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

We get many questions about Tantric sex. Well, thank goodness, we now have a new book THE TANTRIC PILLOW BOOK by Cassandra Lorius. Let me reiterate - Tantra is a lifestyle, it is meditation, diet, exercise and contemplation. This book takes you through it all and I am sure you and your partner will benefit even if you don't commit to the change in lifestyle.