Episode #050 - March 28, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy


Sex toy shopping has joined the retail revolution. Today's sex shops are pleasant places, with knowledgeable staff and a huge variety of items.

There are lotions and massage oils, condoms in all sizes, colours and flavours, all safe and effective. Take your time, browse and explore. Go with your partner, or a good friend.

People often ask me what they should look for, so here are a few tips. First, look at the toy, touch it, squeeze it, smell it, imagine how you would use it.

Start small. Bigger is definitely not better. And start cheap. So the toy lasts just a couple of months – you'll know what you want when you're prepared to spend a little more.

In the beginning, avoid toys with packaging that features babes with big boobs. That's not usually a sign of quality!

Check out the type of batteries it takes and how many. You don't want to get run out of energy at a crucial moment! The newer small toys take watch batteries, but they last longer.

Some vibrators and dildos are designed for penetration, others for stimulating around the clitoris and the vaginal and anal openings.

Avoid hard plastic vibrators or butt plugs. They can be dangerous, especially if they're made with seams that make cleaning difficult. Stay away from expensive toys that are supposed to stimulate the clitoris and the vagina and the rectum all at the same time. These are usually over ambitious in design and darn near impossible to operate. If you want to try butt beads, be sure they have a ring at the far end - you don't want to end up in hospital. The beads must be connected by plastic cord, not string, which is impossible to clean.

Don't share sex toys with a partner unless you wash them well or cover them with a condom And don't use toys for anal stimulation, then vaginal stimulation – this causes nasty infections.

Stock up on a good lube and plenty of batteries and enjoy your new sex toys.

Sue's Mini Review

For anybody with a disability, this new book, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SEX AND DISABILITY by Kaufman, Silverberg and Odette is invaluable for anyone living with chronic pain, from arthritis to spinal cord injury. From how to find a partner to dealing with the wide variety of disabilities, this book will provide welcome relief for your anxiety, concerns and even discomfort.