Episode #051 - April 4, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Penthouse Cyberskin Radical Cock Will you take a look at this mother. It is enough to scare the pants back ON to you! Here we have the Penthouse vibrating cyberskin radical cock. Yes, you heard right, the be all and end all to a maiden's prayer. At 11 ½ inches long, it promises ":sex beyond limits" Although it feels like the real thing, soft, flexible and pulsating, it looks more like a horse than human. Now, I guess, if you are convinced that bigger is better, then this vibrating cyberskin cock should do the trick. It takes 3 AAA batteries with a multi speed control and a strap so you can't lose it. As if……..

Now, it you own a cyberskin sex toy, do not store it with your silicone toys. It gives off gases that cause both materials to disintegrate. Also, you clean these with mild soap and water and then lightly powder them with cornstarch. For something this size, you may need a silo full.

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are rating the Cyberskin Radical Cock at 2 briquets - higher, if you wear a saddle.

Sue's Mini Review

We get so many questions from viewers asking how to performing good oral sex. Well, here is the answer, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FELLATIO: HOW TO GO DOWN ON A MAN AND GIVE HIM MIND BLOWING PLEASURE by Violet Blue. Yes, that is the author's name…published by Cleis Books. It is an excellent book, talks about swallowing, gagging and lock-jaw. I am impressed and you will be too if you read this book.