Episode #056 - May 16, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Backdoor Kit for Beginners Well, we have a hot toy for you tonight. Many people will be uncomfortable with anal sex, but every week we have many callers asking about the subject. Here, we have the perfect answer - THE BACKDOOR KIT FOR BEGINNERS.

Everything you need is here: A DVD, “The Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure”, is really informative; then there are pliable anal beads with a handle, easy to insert, remove, and clean; a small silicone butt plug called the “Willie”, also easy to clean – in fact, you can even boil it; there's 'The Wild Thing', a thin flexible anal vibrator that is ideal for A spot stimulation; plus condoms and anal lube.

THE BACKDOOR KIT FOR BEGINNERS has everything you need for relaxed, enjoyable anal pleasure, and much cheaper than if you bought the items separately. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, this is a 4 briquet winner.


Sue's Mini Review

A brand new book for teens, “ALL THE WAY -SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME” by Kim Martyn is an informative book to be read by all teens about their first sexual intercourse. Beyond “just say NO”, parents can't talk about it, but our youth need to know. Martyn is an experienced sexual educator and this is her turf, so let her do the talking. Highly recommended if you've got kids.