Episode #061 - October 24, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Televibe Last week we had a great toy in the HOT STUFF bag. This week, we are not so lucky.

It is called TELEVIBE and it puts a whole new meaning to phone sex, especially if you are into computer/phone technology. My eyes glazed over just reading the instructions and it was not passion, believe me.

There is a cyberskin masturbatory sleeve for guys, complete with a pulsing egg which connects to a controller. He then plugs the earpiece into this controller. OK so far? Well, then he holds the phone up to his ear so he hears through the earpiece. Then his partner on the other end of the line pushes the numbers on her phone keypad. Different tones change the speed or pulsing of the egg on his end. There's a more upscale version where you can download a program and have the egg controlled via the Internet when you are in a chat room. Yeah, whatever.

Now, think about it… you tie up the phone, expensive if you are using a cell phone, and you could end up with messy lube all over the place. And having someone beep tones into my ear is not my idea of a sensual experience. On top of that, it is an expensive device. Hey guys, it is much cheaper to just use your hand while talking dirty to your partner. There's also a female version of this product, so I guess you could be beeping at each other is some sort of daffy, romantic way. Just don't call me.

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the TELEVIBE two briquets – one of those is for trying something different. Make sure you bring your credit card.

cover Sue's Mini Review

The title of this book drives me nuts - HOW TO MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU FOREVER IN 90 MINUTES OR LESS, by Nicholas Boothman, published by Workman Publishing. I dislike the title immensely, but I realize that it was designed to promote sales. Undaunted, I actually read the book and, believe it or not, quite liked it, in spite of the “forever” and stop-watch mentality. It is full of wonderful advice for anyone looking for a mate. Good read.