Episode #063 - November 7, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Thrusting Power Climaxer Another exciting day at the SEX STORE, but guys… don't think you can hide this in your bedside table. O.K. it is a monster vacuum suction device with an up/down vibrating movement that is supposed to provide extreme thrusting and sucking which promises you will explode in an uncontrollable wave of erotic excitement. Who writes this crap? Probably the same person who named it – it's called the OPTIMUM POWER THRUSTING POWER CLIMAXER. Must be powerful – they used the word twice in the title.

But there is a warning - this may bruise or rupture blood vessels under the skin of the penis and/or scrotum, resulting in hemorrhage and or the formation of a hematoma, so make sure you release the suction if there is pain. If that don't scare the crap right out of you, well, go for it big guy. It's much cheaper and safer to just find a loving partner.

We've had many suction devices on over the years, and they always have the same problem – you can't clean the dam things properly. And the THRUSTING POWER CLIMAXER is no exception. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving this loser one briquet. I wanted to give it zero, but we save that rating for toys that explode..

Sue's Mini Review

Well, I read HOW TO BE A SEX GODDESS by Sarah Tomczak, published by Barnes and Noble Books, and I decided that being a SEX GODDESS was just too much work. You had to be a skinny, rich, white female, big ta ta's, and shallow as a dishpan. Why would anybody aspire to being one above a tramp? And what happens when you sprout rogue hairs on your chin, your boobs droop, your 20 inch waist becomes a memory? Get real.

Personally, I don't know a soul who aspires to be a sex goddess, so I could not recommend this book to anybody.