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Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Sadie Allison's HOT STUFF BAG Essentials!

Sadie Allison is the award-winning author of 'Toygasms' and 'Tickle His Pickle'. Her company, Tickle Kitty, also produces 'Tickle Kitty Lube'. Sue asked Sadie for her list of essential toys for everyone's personal HOT STUFF BAG.

For Women

  • Impulse Micro-Butterfly
  • Micro Mini 1 Touch
  • Raspberry Crush Waterproof Turbo Glide
  • Pink Pearl 'Woody' Silicone Dildo
  • Waterproof Mood-Light G-spot Vibe
  • Vibratex Butterfly
Sue and Sadie Allison
For Men
  • Leather Cockring with Velcro
  • Cyberskin Sex Buddy
  • The Pistol Pump with Senso Sleeve
  • 'Buddy' Silicone Butt Plug
  • Silicone Wireless Enhancer with Tongue Teaser
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Silicone Wireless Enhancer
Silicone Wireless Enhancer with Tongue Teaser

Sue's Mini Review

Have you ever fantasized about being a stripper? 'The Better Sex Guide to Erotic Dancing' is a fun way to spice things up at home, and believe me, your partner will love the seduction. This program follows six ordinary women as they learn the basics of erotic dance, such as how to strip gracefully and not look like a complete idiot. Then they try out their new-found skills on their partners with explicit results. Like all videos from the Sinclair Institute, this one uses real couples, not models, and it is great fun to watch average folks behaving like normal people.