Episode #067 - December 5, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Red Hot Butt Plug We get a lot of questions about anal sex and butt plugs. Well, here is a goodie.

Not all folks are going to be receptive, but it is a good butt plug because it is small - they also make medium and large but I did not want to scare you. It is called the RED HOT VIBRATING BUTT PLUG and it's made out of a soft, pliable jelly material. The tip is tapered and easy to insert with lotsa lube, and the controller has a slider, which is so much easier to control than those stupid dial ones. It is easy to clean, and covering it with a condom would make it even easier. And best of all – it's quiet.

Our tester's one beef was that the wiring at the base is not sealed, so you could easily get moisture in there and ruin the motor. So, be careful when you are cleaning it. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the RED HOT VIBRATING BUTT PLUG is getting 3 briquets. And remember – gently Bentley.

cover Sue's Mini Review

Any book written by Anne Hooper is bound to be good, and tonight we feature a new one, LOVER'S WEEKEND GUIDE. When couples ask what they can do when their sex life becomes boring and monotonous, we often recommend a romantic weekend away from cell phones, kids and paying the bills.

Before you make reservations, pick up this book, read it and plot out some of the fun things she suggests you might want to try. Flirting, dirty dancing, a sensuous massage, sounds good to me and I'm sure it sounds like fun to you. Read it for more ideas.