Episode #068 - Decemer 12, 2004

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Shane's World Infrared Vibrator I took one look at the packaging of the SHANE'S WORLD RECHARGABLE INFRA-RED PLAYPAL VIBRATOR and I JUST GROANED. Betsy Big Boob on the package, a huge, honking, hard, fuscia, plastic vibrator with a purple tip that lights up - just what we needed.

O.K. so I gotta admit, this is one of the first rechargeable vibrators I've seen, and if you cover the adapter hole, it is waterproof as well. It also is the first one that warms up a bit from infrared heat. God knows why? Any vibrator will warm up in your hot bod.

Negatives: it has hard to clean seams, and if you get water into it, it's history. You know what? I'd use it as a night light in the bathroom. On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, our tester gave the RECHARGABLE INFRA-RED PLAYPAL VIBRATOR 1 lukewarm briquet.

cover Sue's Mini Review

Well, you would be correct if you guessed that I hate the title of this new book by Lou Paget. It is called 365 DAYS OF SENSATIONAL SEX – Tantalizing Tips and Techniques to Keep the Fires Burning All Year Long. Oh…get a life.

It is not a bad book. There are 365 topics, most are only a paragraph long, and about 50 are information on birth control, STI's and circumcision. I stumbled across Sex and Seniors. Some do, some don't, and sex is not limited to intercourse. I AM a senior, and that is absolutely no help at all.

Let's get real. After 'le grande passion', which lasts about 6 months, then you have compassionate love - better, but you don't have sex 365 times a year. Less is more.