Episode #072 - January 23, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Vibrating Cockrings We get a lot of calls about cock rings, and tonight we have three variations in the HOT STUFF BAG.

Many guys ask how a cockring works. There are two different types – a tight fitting one that goes around the base of the penis, and a larger one that goes behind the scrotum and around the base of the penis. Both restrict blood flow somewhat in the genital area, and this can help to maintain an erection, plus it creates a pleasurable feeling of pressure on the genitals. Of the two types, the one that loops behind the scrotum is generally considered more effective. And that's what we have here.

First, the LEATHER VIBRATING COCK RING is durable, won't tear, and has strong vibrations that transmit through the leather. It's also adjustable, but our testers did not like the snaps. If a male has a full erection, it is difficult get your fingers under there to secure it. Velcro would work a lot better. Although the vibrator is waterproof, leather is not, so clean up could be complicated.

Here is a wireless, waterproof bullet that slips into a silicone cock ring. This one is called the MINI-MAGIC ONE TOUCH and it goes at the base of the penis. It has very strong vibrations and does not have variable speed ability, but is very reasonably priced. A great advantage, the waterproof bullet can be interchanged with many other sex toys. That's a good thing because silicone cock rings tend to tear.

One more cock ring and this is a pleasure for both partners. A cyberskin ring with a vibrating bullet inserted in the base. This is called the HANDS FREE CYBER RING. Used with a female partner, this will stimulate her clitoris and the bumps will stimulate her perineum. If he is wearing it for masturbation, the bumps will feel good against his perineum, what you call the “tain't”, and the point hits the base of his penis. Although the design is clever, cyberskin is difficult to maintain and it tears even more easily than silicone.

So, my advice? Cockrings are not built to last, so don't spend a lot of money on a fancy-schmancy one. Of this bunch, the leather one will last you the longest. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the entire genre 2 briquets.

cover Sue's Mini Review

Tickling can provide erotic stimulation for both males and females. Any feather type toy will do nicely and hey, you can even use a feather duster if you are broke. Some people like furs or velvet. If you or your partner enjoy the sensations, this book, EROTIC TICKLING by MICHAEL MORAN, will provide lots of ideas. Read it together and decide what would work for you.