Episode #074 - February 6, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Eroscillator I don't think we have ever had a vibrator in the HOT STUFF BAG that has been the subject of a university study, so tonight is a first.

This strange looking device is the EROSCILLATOR, and it is a winner. Unlike most vibrators, it is not powered by batteries. You have to plug it in, and that gives it plenty of power. It comes with 5 different attachments (only four pictured), some with double functions, and they just snap on to the tip so they are easy to remove for cleaning. The speed control actually works and, in spite of the power, it is incredibly quiet.

But, the most innovative thing about the EROSCILLATOR is how it moves. Instead of the whole thing bumping around like you're in the back of a pick-up truck, this one gently oscillates, and that makes a huge difference. It is just about impossible not to have an orgasm with this toy. You can use it for clitoral or vaginal stimulation, internal or external. It was so good that our tester kept it for several MONTHS, and that never happens.

Researchers at the City University of New York were looking for a vibrator to recommend to sex therapists. They tested this against two other well-known brands and the EROSCILLATOR won hands down.

So, who are we to argue with the professors? On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the EROSCILLATOR gets 4 briquets.

cover Sue's Mini Review

We have had calls from folks who like to be spanked as a form of sexual arousal. For partners who are not entirely comfortable with this activity, here is the book for you - THE COMPLEAT SPANKER by Lady Green, published by Greenery Press, will explain why people like to be spanked, different techniques and implements, and various positions for maximum effect. If this is what turns you on, here's all the information you will ever need.