Episode #078 - March 6, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Rock Your World Vibrator The ROCK YOUR WORLD vibrator is quiet, well-made with the main vibrations at the top and another vibrator in the shape of a lobster for clitoral stimulation. It is made of ELASTOMER, a type of jelly that is non-allergenic, odourless and easy to clean.

I compared it to an oldie but goodie that I have in my collection. This is the Lobster, which is almost identical but has the revolving vibrating beads for stimulation at the vaginal opening. That is where the nerve endings are. The old lobster takes more batteries but the head lights up and goes in reverse - useless but cute. Given my druthers, I'd settle for the old reliable.

But one thing I should point out is that both these vibrators are made in Japan and the quality of their motors cannot be beat. In fact, our researcher, who runs an adult store, says they get the least number of faulty merchandise returns on Japanese products. So shop and compare, then you decide. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the ROCK YOUR WORLD 2 Briquets.

(Note: The 'Lobster', as Sue called it, is actually the 'Pearl Thunder Vibrator' from Vibratex, in case you are looking for it.)

Sue's Mini Review

This lady, LOU PAGET, publishes more books than anybody I know - I don't know how she does it. But her latest release is HOT MAMAS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO STAYING SEXY THROUGHOUT YOUR PREGNANCY AND THE MONTHS BEYOND. I'm being very gentle when I admit that I found THE MOTHER'S GUIDE TO SEX by Anne Semans and Cathy Winks a more informative book and without the pressure to be hot, hot, hot as soon as you get out of the delivery room. Buy theirs – skip this one.