Episode #079 - March 13, 2005

New Product!
Sweet Spot Cleansing Products

On occasion, a product comes in that is initially 'pooh-poohed' by the staff - and then, some brave soul tries it, and loves it! Then, someone else tries it, and ends up raving about it. SWEETSPOT is such a product.

It's a mild cleanser formulated specifically for female genitals. It is pH balanced using especially blended, mild cleansers, soothing botanicals with essential oils.SWEET SPOT comes in 14-ox. bottles or - this was the big hit - individual wipes. All the ladies on the crew clamored for samples, and Sue has mentioned the product several times on the show.

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

New Cummers Strap-on In case you haven't noticed, we get a lot of phone calls about anal sex, and this product is perfect for couples where the male wants to try A-spot stimulation.

It is called the NEW CUMMERS STRAP-ON KIT. I can't show you the box, but the cover shows a sexy, young female wearing the strap-on with a guy resting his head on her abdomen, looking very bored. I suspect he got more animated when he got his tush in the air.

The harness is substantial - it ain't going nowhere – and it can expand to a 60-inch waist. The high-quality silicone dildo is small and safe, perfect for beginners and easy to clean. It has a gentle curve in it, intended to hit the A-spot. Now, if we just wake up the guy on the package, it's gonna be a fun evening.

On our HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the NEW CUMMERS STRAP-ON KIT 3 briquets.

Lover's Guide to Self Pleasuring Sue's Mini Review

Tonight, we are going to review a video from the SINCLAIR INSTITUTE called A LOVER'S GUIDE TO SELF PLEASURING.

It was all about masturbation, the myths and realities, and I watched the segment on males. A great segment on the “Stop/Start technique” for guys who ejaculate too fast. I loved it and am looking forward to viewing the segment on female masturbation.