Episode #083 - April 17, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

The Feeldoe Here is a toy designed by lesbians for lesbians, but heteros can use it quite effectively.

Called the FEELDOE, it is a silicone dildo with another bulb for added pleasure. Its original intent was for the bulbous end to go into the vagina – where the PC muscles hold it in place – and then the narrow end can be used as a dildo on a partner, either female or male. Basically, it's a strapless dildo. But, you could use this various ways - the dildo can go into the vagina and the bulb into the rectum, or the other way around, whatever hits your fancy.

No batteries, easy to clean, it is an interesting sex toy for your collection and may become the most popular. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we gave the FEELDOE 2 briquets - you may give it more.

Sue's Mini Review

The SINCLAIR INTIMACY INSTITUTE has established a well-deserved reputation for helping to provide excellent sex information, and here is a new addition to their collection. It is a program entitled BETTER ORAL SEX TECHNIQUES, and it's filled with tons of tips for males and females. You can find it at www.bettersex.com.