Episode #090 - October 16, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Shower Playmate Oh goody – time once again for the HOT STUFF BAG.

Every year, we try to start off the season with a really fantastic toy, or a really stupid toy. Last year, it was fantastic. This year, it's just plain dumb.

This lovely contraption is the SHOWER PLAYMATE. The creators have correctly discovered that women like to masturbate in the shower, and that is true, often with the good, old-fashioned Shower Massage, a.k.a “a girl's best friend.”

So, the manufacturers decided to spice it up a bit by having a penis-shaped shower attachment. Now, you tell me – how sexy does this hard, plastic, vein-bulging, over-sized beast look to you? Not.

Now, this is not for insertion, so don't even think about it. It is for clitoral stimulation only. You can control the water-speed from a gentle trickle to a fire-hose blast, depending on your preference. Plus, it comes with a splitter so you can leave your regular shower-head in place and have this one hanging there on stand-by. Just hope your mother-in-law doesn't have to use the bathroom.

The SHOWER PLAYMATE is very well-made and durable, and completely pointless. Save your money - Use your imagination and your current plumbing. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, this waste of space rates 1 briquet.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Sheets Gone Wild We thought this was a cute product we'd show you. It's called Sheets Gone Wild, and it features diagrams of various sexual positions. Toss your marker on the bed, and try out wherever it lands. Even the cat likes it!

Sue's Mini Review

O.K, so I should disqualify myself from reviewing BEYOND ORGASM by Dr. Marty Klein because I am an ardent admirer of his work as a marriage counselor/sex therapist. Pardon me while I rave on, but I just love the book, and I know you will too.

Should the FDA approve the “Morning After” pill, also known as “Plan B”, for over-the-counter sales, as other Western countries have?

YES - 74%

NO - 23%