Episode #091 - October 23, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Butt Plugs & Vibrators We get a lot of calls and emails about butt plugs and anal vibrators, so we thought we'd give you some pointers.

To start off, this is EXACTLY what you don't want. It is called the SCREWDRIVER, and it is dangerously big. The rectum is not built for this kind of abuse. The rectal lining is paper thin and easy to tear, and that can lead to all sorts of serious complications, including surgery. So, rule #1 – gently Bentley. Bigger is not better.

At least this monster is flexible, but all these nooks and crannies make it very difficult to clean. That's Rule #2 – make sure you get a toy that can be thoroughly disinfected after anal play. This toy rates ZERO briquets.

This next type of toy is becoming more popular, and we have real misgivings about it. It is called the ANAL DEVELOPER [pictured lower left], and you are supposed to insert it in the rectum and then use the hand-pump to enlarge it. Well, this is completely pointless. The difficult part of anal intercourse is getting past the two sphincters near the opening of the rectum. Blowing this up inside the bowel will not stretch the sphincter, and it could actually explode inside you. Plus, it has a hard, plastic shaft, and that's Rule # 3 – do not use hard, plastic toys in the rectum. They need to have some give. Once again, this toy rates ZERO briquets.

Now, the other side of the coin – this is a vibrating butt plug called the MADISON TUSH TOY [pictured lower center]. It is flexible and easy to clean. The vibrating egg can pop out so you can immerse the toy in water without damaging it. It is sensibly small and nicely tapered. We have one beef with it – the four-speed motor “buzzes” rather than “shakes”. Some people find this buzzing sensation irritating and find the shaking effect more pleasurable. We're giving the MADISON 3 briquets.

And this is our fave. It is called the MINI-MOLE [pictured lower right]. It is soft silicone and totally flexible. The egg comes out so you can actually boil the toy or run it through the dishwasher without wrecking it. It is thin for easy insertion, but what is really innovative is the little “hook” at the tip. This is perfect for stimulating the A-spot in guys, or possibly the G-spot in women. Most importantly, the motor shakes, so the vibrations are carried right to the tip. The MINI-MOLE does everything right, so we're giving it 4 briquets.

Sue's Mini Review

Many folks are intrigued by the idea of tantric sex. This new book SEVENTH HEAVEN by LINDA SONNTAG, published by BANTAM BOOKS, is the best book I have ever read about Taoism. Positions, meditation, new ideas, it is all there, but it takes practice and patience. It's well worth the read.


A new study has shown that weight loss increases sex drive. Would your sex life be better if you or your partner lost weight?

YES - 74%

NO - 22%