Episode #093 - November 6, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Ulti-Mate Harness If you are thinking about getting a harness, we have a good beginner's model in the HOT STUFF BAG tonight.

It is called the ULTI-MATE HARNESS, and it comes in two adjustable sizes for different waistlines. This is the larger size and fits up to a 60” waist.

Now, you ask, what is the point of a harness as opposed to a strap-on? A strap-on comes equipped with a dildo or vibrator designed especially for that unit – a harness simply has a holder where you can insert your preferred toy, so it gives you more options.

This fabric harness is well made with adjustable hip and thigh straps, all washable. There are also a variety of “O” rings for different sized dildos or vibrators. What's unique about this one is the semi-circular hole at the bottom. Guys can put their dangly bits through here, making it far more comfortable for males to wear.

Fabric harnesses will not last as long as leather ones, but the ULTI-MATE HARNESS is a good introductory model at a reasonable price. Our resident expert gave it 2 briquets.

  Cew Review!

Faith Our crew is on a quest to find good erotic films that couple can watch together.

This week, Liz and Germaine reviewed "Faith", which is a very artsy, high-budget skin-fest. Germaine found the women sexy, but the style of the film bored him. He prefers raunch. Liz, on the other hand, liked the style, but found the lack of good-looking men a disappointment. She abandoned the film in order to knit. That says it all.

Hot Sex Handbook Sue's Mini Review

Going camping. Take this little book along as toilet paper. It is useless for ideas or information. The HOT SEX HANDBOOK by Tracey Cox is CHEAP, but you are getting exactly what you paid for - diddley squat. If you rely on this book for sex education, I only hope your partner is smarter than you are.

Poll Results

Some pharmacists are refusing to fill prescriptions for “moral” reasons. Since they are licensed by the state to provide health care, should they be disciplined?

YES - 77%

NO - 13%

MAYBE - 10%