Episode #094 - November 13, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Ecsta Sleeve The ECSTA SLEEVE is a solo masturbation sleeve for men. Made of cyberskin, it's a snug fit so use lots of lube. Because it is 'squishy', the male can grip it firmly for extra pressure.

This toy is available in two versions - one with a vulva-like opening and one with an anal opening, whichever you prefer. Easy to clean, you must powder it with corn starch after washing to prevent stickiness. And do be sure to read the instructions for storing it away from other toys.

A delicate shade of mauve makes the ECSTA SLEEVE look kinda cyanotic but it is a highly rated 3 briquets solo sex toy for guys.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Weekender Kit Here's a cute little 'Weekender Kit' from Kama Sutra that is filled with sensual delights – Spearmint Pleasure Balm, Honey Dust, Sweet Almond Massage Oil, and a miniature feather duster. Send the kids away and enjoy!

cover Sue's Mini Review

If the gorgeous man on the cover does not make you want to get the book, then the contents will. ASK DR. KEITH, CANDID ANSWERS TO QUEER QUESTIONS by Dr. Keith Loukes, published by Whitecap books is absolutely the very best book for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered readers. This segment of the population is often ignored in sexual health literature, and Dr. Keith's book addresses those specific concerns perfectly. Published in Canada, you can get it online and it is worth the effort believe me.


Have you ever fantasized about having sex with more than one partner at a time?

NEVER - 22%