Episode #095 - November 20, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Gnome & Bunny Recently, I saw a disclaimer on a TV show that warned viewers of impending “comic mischief”. These toys would fit the bill. Consider yourself warned.

This is SO ugly, you just gotta laugh at the NAUGHTY GNOME. I'd like to stick it in my garden - nobody would guess, but the squirrels would be having a good time. Actually, it is a silicone vibrator with quite a strong motor, but other than cute, it is not anatomically correct. The pointy cap is too far up in the vagina and the nose is not near the clitoris.

From the same company, we've got The BUZZ BUNNY. Looks more like a nun clutching a bunch of carrots to me. These toys are heavy and they are NOT waterproof. Go figure? Plus, the silicone is so thick that the vibrations are quite dampened by time they reach the surface.

You know, we appreciate that companies are trying to make toys that don't look like the standard-issue penis, but in this case, the designers have sacrificed function for 'comic mischief'. Nice try fellas – you're getting' 1 briquet.

Crew Review

Dinner Party 3 In our on-going quest to find erotic films that are suitable for couples-viewng, crew members Patsy and Ali sat through 'Dinner Party 3'. The verdict: Patsy found the plot and the sex as dull and predictable as clockwork - a turn-off; on the other hand, Ali found it a turn-on, although he suggested that porn stars stick to sex and leave the acting to actors.

Sue's Mini Review

WRITTEN IN THE FLESH, A HISTORY OF DESIRE by Edward Shorter published by Univ. of Toronto Press, is an excellent book about the changing patterns of courtship, romance and sexual behaviour throughout history. It provides great insight into the evolution and revolution of sex.


Should parents provide condoms for their teenagers?

YES - 65%

NO - 16%

MAYBE - 19%