Episode #097 - December 4, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Cory's Gift Ideas!

Cory Silverberg is the co-owner of the adult store Come As You Are and our lead researcher for sex toys. He knows a good toy when he sees one, and here's his list of sexy gift ideas for the Holiday Season!
Dirty Dice Dirty Dice - Cute stocking stuffer. One die has body parts, the other denotes what to do with that body part. Sounds like fun!
Royal Surfer Royal Surfer - From Sue's toy line, Cory says that this G-spot and clitoral stimulator is one of his store's best-selling vibrators.
I Rub My Penguin I Rub My Penguin - Excellent, waterproof bathtub vibe from the folks who brought us the 'Duckie'. No one will ever know it's a sex toy!
Vibrating Lover's Thong Vibrating Lover's Thong - Another great, simple idea - plastic beads stimulate the genitals of both partners during intercourse. Feels fabulous!
Royal Mini-Mole Royal Mini-Mole - Super A-spot stimulator for guys. Soft, flexible, easy to clean, and not too big. Cory thinks that this is one of the best anal stimulators on the market. Works fine for women as well.
Vixskin Vixskin - Dildos made of fantastic new material from the quality workshop, Vixen Creations. Feels like Cyberskin, but is far easier to maintain and much more durable.
Monkey Rocker Monkey Rocker - This masterpiece surprised all of us! Strap your favourite dildo or vibrator into the frame, and ride 'em cowboy. You control the speed of penetration by rocking back and forth. Expensive, but top-notch quality.

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Sue's Mini Review

It is well known that women become sexually aroused by erotic writing, and this book oughta do it for ya. THE MERRY XXXMAS BOOK OF EROTICA is a juicy collection of stories that leave little to the imagination, edited by Alison Tyler, published by Cleis Press. After you read this, presents won't be the only thing you are unwrapping.


How long should a couple be in a monogamous relationship before they can stop using condoms?

3 months - 13%

6 months - 9%

One year - 11%

Until they are both tested - 67%